What a week!

Well obviously by now just about all of you know what has happened to me in the last week of my life. It has been truly amazing and all I can do is point up to the sky and thank the Man for granting me the opportunity after 11 minor league seasons. I also have to thank my family, especially my Wife, Mom, and Dad for the support they have all given me from day one. So many people who I have never met in my life have expressed their well wishes and support. Many people have called my journey inspirational and amazing. Thanks but I also would like to remind you that there are thousands of people out there who work hard and persevere every day. I am no different than anyone else out there, the only difference is that my story gets played out for the world to see. I have a ton of stuff to write about but I felt it more important to say a sincere Thank You to everyone.


  1. geoffrey.stone@comcast.net

    Congrats on the home run last night! That was incredible. You smoked that ball!

    Keep up the great work…and GO CUBS!

  2. cheneytardio@gmail.com

    I was in the park for your first game in Chicago- we thought you did a great job that day, and we’re thrilled to see what you’ve done since then! Welcome to Chicago, and congratulations! Can’t wait to see what else you’ll bring!

  3. jeffjorgy@gmail.com

    Did you get the ball from last night? What was it like yesterday, hitting your first homer….

    Also, slow down around the bases, enjoy the moment. 🙂

  4. zachary.keck@gmail.com

    Cubs fans all over the country appreciate your hard work over the past years. Keep it up!!!! We want to see more of those long balls the rest of the summer. Go Cubs!!!

  5. tschlak

    BOBBY!!!! Where have you been all our lives?? I was laughing so hard after your huge homer last night, you just keep abusing the “BIGS” pitchers!! I hope you know how much Chicago loves you!

    There’s one big problem now: we need to get some Scales-wear in the MLB Shop!! I’m thinking it won’t be long, man!

    p.s. – I’ll be at the Friendly Confines for the game on June 19 and you’d better still be on the 25-man roster!! Hear that, Lou?? 🙂

  6. roundmound@myway.com

    hello Mr. Scales, I am a 15 years old and i love the cubs, when i saw you hit that triple and you flew into 3rd at about 100 mph i wanted to go find a Bobby Scales Shersey. I can’t wait till i find one, YOURA BOSS BOBBY SCALES, i hope you stay with the cubs for your whole MLB carrer. P.s. Your so exciting to watch I turned off my ps3 while playing Nhl 09 just to watch you, and slmost nothing pulls me away from hockey, congrats Bobby!

  7. nayf

    No way Bobby … it should be us saying a sincere Thank You to you, for the entertainment and fun you have provided since your first start. I love your approach and attitude and hope you continue to have the success you deserve. All the best for the future, all the way from a Cub fan in Australia!

  8. frodo@valornet.com

    Great play at the “big” club. Keep up the good work and enjoy what you earned. Cub fans across the country support you! Go Cubs Go!

  9. rnhanna@gmail.com

    Congratulations, Bobby!! I was there for your first game as well, and I hope you could tell how ecstatic all of us were for you when you got that first hit. I hope you’re still on the 25-man roster when I head to the game on the 25th… I’ll be the one in the homemade Scales player tee! You are truly inspirational and a testament to hard work. Enjoy your time with the Cubs, you really deserve it, and I hope we get to keep you for a lot longer!!

  10. budsncubs

    Mr. Scales, if you read this, I just want to say Congratulations on making it to the big leagues! I can’t imagine what it must have been like to play your first game at Wrigley Field! That’s something that just about all of us here would give anything to do. You’re living the dream! I’m posting this on the 14th of May, and you had an incredible game today! Keep up the good work, we’re all rooting for you!

  11. johnligon


    I just want to say that it is an honor and privledge watching you play for the Cubs. Your story is an inspiration in itself, but when you finally get the call up after 11 years knowing full well that it was only probably going to be for a few days, you relished the opprotunity and made the most of it.

    Everything happens for a reason, and no one wanted to see Aramis get hurt, but Cubs Nation is so thankful that we have a classy talented ball player like you to fill in the spot while he’s on the DL.

    I watched your interview today after the sweep of San Diego. I am more of a fan now then I was before. You are sincere, you are genuine, and you are real. You are a huge role model to anyone wanting to succeed in anything they do, cause 99% of the time, it doesn’t come easy.

    Congrats on making it this far, and no matter what even if the numbers are against you when Rameriez comes back, you did what you set out to accomplish. You are contributing to helping a this team win. And we can’t say thank you enough, and I really wish there were 25 Bobby Scales on the roster.

    John Ligon
    Greer, SC

  12. dlee4mvp00


    I was at the game today sitting in the left field bleachers…. Great job today man! Im not going to lie when you were first called up I was like “Damn this guy was is minors for 10+ years and never called up? He must not be that good.” Damn bro I was way wrong… I love the way you play, both defensively and offensively, and you give us some nice speed. Keep doing your thing man, I would love to see you stay up on the team all year long.

  13. charlie h

    Congratulations, Bobby! Your perseverance, your positive attitude, your whole story, is winning you many fans–along with your sizzling play at just the right time, of course! You will find that Cubbie Nation is a big family, all across the country, and we appreciate a player the fans can connect with. I grew up on the north side of Chicago and now live in St. Louis. I’m going to the Cubs-Cards game here next Tuesday and hope you play that night.

  14. sabbycat

    Bobby! Congratulations on all the firsts this week! Man, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. As much as inspirational stories are bandied around unjustly, your’s is beyond words. But let me try…I think it is awesome that hard work, persistance, belief in one’s self can (sometimes magnificently) overcome obstacles place in one’s path. It applies so well to things beyond baseball.

    I live in Hawaii, but I’ll be in Chicago next week…hopefully catching your first granny!

  15. tacobell@4bells.net

    Im exremely inspired by your story. Right now Iam also exremely frustated that you are also not starting and I hope you will get your time soon.


  16. coachb1978@yahoo.com


    I’m so happy for you and proud of you at the same time! Every time I see you on sportscenter or baseball tonight it puts a big smile on my face. No one deserves this opportunity more than you. Congratulations from your former teammate and one of your biggest fans!! I’m gonna do my best to come see you in Detroit in June.
    Bobes #42
    (The Honorary Gee)

  17. cubbiegirls


    Every time you crack another hit, I get a smile on my face. Keep making them think twice about sending you back! I hope you stick around!

  18. jtopicz1


    So great to have you on the Cubs. It’s so refreshing to see sumone who appreciates the fans and the game, is humble, intelligent, AND a damn good player.

    Keep it up – you’re definately one of the best reasons to be a Cub fan this year!


  19. jatanaka

    I was excited to get a chance to see you play in the game when you got your first major league home run and you just raced around the bags.

    You’re really giving the team a spark and a very positive one at that.

    Very happy to see Lou Piniella giving you the opportunity to start yesterday and, I assume, again when the Cubs get to play Houston on this home stand.

  20. patricksully

    First off you rock, keep it up, your kind of moxie is what we need!! Second, I had an idea for the title of the blog – Tipping the Scales!!

  21. ganleyfam5@hotmail.com

    Hey Bobby: We have been following your career since you lived with us in 2001 during single A with the Padres and we are happy that your dream to play in the major leagues came true. Your hard work truly paid off. You were such a wonderful role model for our children and we were so blessed to have known you and we are hoping to see you when the Cubs play San Diego in a couple weeks. We wish you great success. Love your friends in Murrieta, Ca. The Ganley’s

  22. dhaffner1955@yahoo.com

    What a great story! I think real baseball fans have to pull for a guy like Bobby, and even if I wasn’t a life-long Cubs fan, I’d be watching what the next chapter of this story brings. Your minor league stats show you have stuck with baseball, progressed, learned various positions, and made yourself valuable.

    Last year, while walking to a Wrigley night game in a rainstorm that was just ending, I snapped a great photo of a rainbow descending (as it would appear) directly into Wrigley Field. I thought, being superstitious like my baseball players and fans, that the rainbow was a sign. It didn’t happen last year for the Cubs, but maybe the rainbow was for Bobby Scales, as he has endured and earned his way to this shot in the “show”.

    If this all ends in 10 days or two weeks, people will always remember this little slice of baseball heaven the Bobby Scales story in 2009 has provided. I have a feeling Bobby Scales has been a hero to many long before he got this shot with the Cubs, and now he has the personal satisfaction to go with that.

    Baseball fans, well, we are again reminded why we love this game, as baseball is a storytellers game, a numbers game, and Bobby Scales is a great story and a great man.

    And a Major League baseball player.

  23. millirose

    I am a huge Cubs fan and have watched every game possible though it is sometimes hard since I live in Utah. However, watching you come up from the minors and playing as hard and well as you are, just makes every game that much more amazing and entertaining. Congratulations on your first career homerun! I hope that you now have a long career in the majors because so far you’re showing that this is where you belong. I love your attitude! Take one day at a time and see how to contribute to the best team in the Major Leagues! 🙂

  24. susanpgibson@bellsouth.net

    You are a total rock star!! We love watching you play. You are totally the type of player that makes the Cubs who they really are. No nonsense baseball, just the true fundamentals and great at bats. You are one of those rare selfless players that plays for the team. We are totally rooting for you and praying you stay around. Baseball needs more players with your work ethic and love of the game.

  25. iowagyrl

    Dear Bobby:

    D’Angelo my grandson, age 4, told me yesterday that he’s sure we won’t be seeing you back in Iowa anymore! We’ve been following your awesome success in Chicago via the Cubs website and the Chicago Tribune. D’Angelo knew when we first saw you last year in Iowa that you were a great player!! There is nobody more deserving of this in all of baseball! By the way, we found out this week that D’Angelo is a switch hitter just like his hero…YOU!!! Keep going and never look back!!

  26. rock13sports@yahoo.com

    Very Good Job Bobby!!!! You are playing very well. You are the kind of player that could really help the team in the long run. Good Luck and Congratulations!!!!!!

  27. thisgirl

    Congratulations Bobby! When I saw you dive into the bag I knew right then you would be my player of the year! I enjoy watching you and you seem so calm and calculated. I just saw you get hit, ON PURPOSE, by Peavy. Not cool. (Nice catch by the way!) 🙂 It’s great watching you play and I hope they keep you around for a long time! Chicago needs a player like you. Welcome.


  28. cg55

    Bobby Scales, we want you in the All-Star Game! I would love if you advertised the following two groups on your blog. I’m also hoping that we can get a “real” website up sometime soon too! If anyone has some free time and good website experience and wants to create a website for us, send me an email at vanillakokakola@gmail.com. The groups are on: Facebook here and a sports forum here. GOOD LUCK BOBBY SCALES!!

  29. brucerun@aol.com

    Just wondering if you are the same young man that worked at Kroger in Alpharetta. I’m pretty sure I worked with you for a few months before you went to college. I remember thinking “I’ll have to remember that name”. When I heard your name the other day it sounded familiar. Then I saw you in the game today and it sure looked like you. I’m still plugging away at the same store. 18 years now. Hope you can let me know if that was you. Good luck to you.
    Jim Pettis

  30. cubbiegirls


    Just saw the roster moves and was really saddened to see you’re going back to the minors. Thanks for what you did while up here and I really hope we get to see you again this year.


  31. jeff.laufenberg7@gmail.com

    Bobby, i hope you stay on the roster tell soriano to hit a home run for me please.

    Keep up the good work yours truly Jeff Laufenberg

  32. jeff.laufenberg7@gmail.com

    Bobby can you send me an email to me about how to hit for power i play in lake villa baseball and i am a good contact hitter but i can’t hit for power. Ask Ryan theriot if he remembers the kid at spring training that was on the all star team.he was signing autographs by a fence before the game.

    Yours truly Jeff Laufenberg

    Good Luck

  33. mlmcubs@yahoo.com

    bobby, i am so freaking glad you didn’t give up after being in the minors that long. I believe you are the fire that the cubs need to take them all the way, maybe not this year… but soon. i saw that lou sent you down the day ryan freel came in, and i don’t wish for injuries but dude i am kinda glad ryan went down. keep up the great work, never take this stuff for granted and man just live it up and fun. you worked your whole life to be where you are today. cub fans around the world love and support and thank you for the energy you have shown and reiterated in our minds to never ever give up. I have been a cub fan since i was 3, i am now 23, seeing you bust your butt to get that triple a few weeks ago just reminded me of why I have always loved this game. I hope you are a cub for the next 11+ years. you get what you put into it, 11 in the minors adds up to 11 in the majors. here’s too you bobby.

  34. mlmcubs@yahoo.com

    bobby, i am so freaking glad you didn’t give up after being in the minors that long. I believe you are the fire that the cubs need to take them all the way, maybe not this year… but soon. i saw that lou sent you down the day ryan freel came in, and i don’t wish for injuries but dude i am kinda glad ryan went down. keep up the great work, never take this stuff for granted and man just live it up and fun. you worked your whole life to be where you are today. cub fans around the world love and support and thank you for the energy you have shown and reiterated in our minds to never ever give up. I have been a cub fan since i was 3, i am now 23, seeing you bust your butt to get that triple a few weeks ago just reminded me of why I have always loved this game. I hope you are a cub for the next 11+ years. you get what you put into it, 11 in the minors adds up to 11 in the majors. here’s too you bobby.

  35. mlmcubs@yahoo.com

    Man what can I say that hasn’t already been said in your honor!? you are an inspiration to everyone who has ever wanted to be anything. most people after 11 years in the minors would just tell them selves that they don’t have what major league teams want, then they would just walk away from the game. I am glad you didn’t do that because you have what the cubs need, you have power… you have already hit 2 homers… you have speed… 1 triple at wrigley field I may add which is not a park where you see many triples where the outfielder actually makes the play and the runner is just that dang fast, seeing you bust your butt around those bases just reminded me and many others of why we love this game… and you have glove work… possibly the best second baseman to be a cub since ryne sandberg. dude third base is not an easy position that just anyone can do, it takes amazing awareness and skill… second base probably even harder because you have to factor in the possibility of having to cover second on a possible steal while also keeping in mind that you may have to turn your back to the ball to run out to short right field to catch a pop up, then theres that chance you have to cover first base on a bunt. I am not alone in saying that I have increadible respect for what you have done and lately every time I watch a cubs game the first thing that goes into my mind is… is bobby scales playing today? keep up the good work and keep pleading your case for the cubs to keep you in a chicago uniform for many years to come.
    Mike McCoy
    cub fan since i was 3… im now 23 and never will i stop being a fan.

  36. the5bray@bellsouth.net

    Bobby, Milton High School is proud. The first thing this Braves fan does in the morning is check the cubs box score. You taught our kids class, patience, and how to enjoy life. Thank you! Nick and friends will be at the game Tuesday. (You will hear Nick). Give em heck!!!!!! Mike Bray

  37. cubbykimmy

    Bobby – Congrats on being called up to the big show!! I have been watching you and how impressive you have been. I hope to see you become a permanent part of the Cubs. Caught you in Atlanta last night, so glad to see you play one in your hometown. Keep up the great work, it will have to pay off in the end! Kimmy

  38. marshall.murphy@yahoo.com

    Bobby, it sure has been a long time since you and I were on the same little league team playing at the Roswell Rec. I am so proud of you! Everyone from high school is living out our personal dreams vicariously through you. I remember you always jokingly calimed yourself as the first black guy to hit a homer at Milton High School and now you are hitting homers in the big leagues. WOW, this is simply amazing! Stop by the Tucker Christian Church when you are back in Atlanta, I am the new Pastor there……… Your friend, Marshall Murphy

  39. jahosifatz@aol.com

    You da man Bobby! If Pinella was smart he’d keep you up as you have so much experience and you’re one helluva utility infielder. BTW, just added you as a write in for the All Star game. Keep up the awesome work!

  40. grandoldgame

    Congrats Bobby! You totally deserve the call-up, if I might make a gross understatement. Most people have no idea how hard it is to stick it out through even one season in the minors, much less ten. Here’s hoping the front office has the good sense to find something more useful for you to do than just tooling around in Iowa.

  41. chicubs23


    Its great having you on the squad, you’re wayyyyy better than Ryan Freel, and Aaron Miles would ever dream to be. I hope Lou, and the mgmt will do the right thing, which is trade them away for some relief help, and keep you up in the majors.

    Keep up the awesome work kiddo

    Darius Kennedy
    Chicago, Illinois


  42. taken222

    hey bobby just want to let you know you have fans in alaska too buddy just want too say keep up the hard work you are doing for Iowa and for chicago love both clubs here mike

  43. texascubfan78640

    Bobby – I wanted to tell you thanks for signing that autograph in Round Rock. I know you’re busy and appreciate the time you took. My wife’s hat looks great!

  44. tstandamn@yahoo.com

    Bobby…I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to us all. I am an athlete turned musician (due to a knee injury), and I often question whether or not to give up on the dream of surviving off of music. You have definitely inspired me to keep going towards my dream and to be happy with what I have. Even if the majors aren’t in the cards for you on a permanent basis, I certainly will always remember Bobby Scales. Thanks.

  45. go1demp1go

    It was great to see you back in Chicago for the Road to Wrigley game. The Iowa Cubs were fun to watch. I hope you all know how much the fans love cheering for you guys, and we hope to see you back in Wrigley with the Chicago Cubs in the future. Many of the Iowa Cubs players have proven that when one of the Chicago Cubs players is unable to play, that they are ready to take over and perform very well. And this year it seems that is very very important.

  46. bardthrowswickedhard@live.com

    Check this song out, it sums up your journey perfectly.


    Much like Wrigley videos I assume, it doesn’t come close to doing it justice.

    This is the anthem of my hometown football (soccer) club Liverpool F.C. and like the Cubs (of whom I am now a fan) we too have an amazing stadium full of history and mystique and our fans are also fiercely loyal no matter the result.

    Hopefully one day in the future I’ll get out to Chicago to see you and the rest of the Cubs Win.

    Till then, all the best and keep up the good work. You’re a credit to your sport, your team and yourself.

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