May 2009

What a week!

Well obviously by now just about all of you know what has happened to me in the last week of my life. It has been truly amazing and all I can do is point up to the sky and thank the Man for granting me the opportunity after 11 minor league seasons. I also have to thank my family, especially my Wife, Mom, and Dad for the support they have all given me from day one. So many people who I have never met in my life have expressed their well wishes and support. Many people have called my journey inspirational and amazing. Thanks but I also would like to remind you that there are thousands of people out there who work hard and persevere every day. I am no different than anyone else out there, the only difference is that my story gets played out for the world to see. I have a ton of stuff to write about but I felt it more important to say a sincere Thank You to everyone.